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Album ‘Close To You’ [2017]

01. Won’t Bring Me Down [single]
02. Be My Lover
03. Music and Rhyme [single ft. Ronald Vanhuffel]
04. Shine On Me [original version]
05. EO [Break The Chains – single]
06. My Eyes Only [dance – single]
07. Johnny
08. Close To You

You can listen to ‘Close To You’ here:


Album ‘Salida Del Sol’ [2015]

01. My Eyes Only [Ambient and caisadrum – single]
02. Hometown
03. Leap Into The Deep [single]
04. Falling In Love
05. Let Him Go [single]
06. Salida Del Sol
07. Colours Of The Mind
08. Home Is Where The Heart Is
09. Goodbye
10. Keep On Knocking
11. Light
12. Someday

You can listen to Salida del Sol here:

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