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Sound of Lighthouse released 2nd album


The band Sound of Lighthouse existing of composer and singer Josie en lyricist/DJ Renegato, released their second album this week under the title ‘Close To You’. The album is a mix of sound- and dreamscapes with ambient and chill out pop, the soothing voice of Josie and positive lyrics.

‘Close To You’ again became a personal journal like the first one ‘Salida del Sol’. It contains 8 tracks with the singles ‘Music and Rhyme’ and ‘Shine On Me’, dance songs ‘My Eyes Only’ (Classic Meet Beats) and ‘EO’ and the dream state tracks ‘Won’t Bring Me Down’ and ‘Be My Lover’. New songs are the album tracks ‘Johnny’ about letting go old belief systems and choosing faith and knowing instead and the almost instrumental song ‘Close To You’.

Photo: Patrick Dewaele

For the track ‘Music en Rhyme’ the group worked with Ronald Vanhuffel, a Belgium producer and musician. Ronald: “I felt inspired by the lyrics and romantic vocal lines. The purity and message about unconditional love, how two people can be so connected and gave the song a etheric sound”.

Ronald arranged the song and played drum, bas, guitar and synthesizer. Renegato (Fred Krautwurst), the other half of Sound of Lighthouse wrote the lyrics for ‘Music and Rhyme’ and the track ‘Shine On Me’ both about deep soul connections. Also he was responsible for the mix and mastering and made six music video’s.

The other melodies, lyrics and creating’s where made by composer and singer Josie. “After performing in theatres for a while my heart more and more wished to compose and combine real instruments with what I call ‘soundscapes’ or ‘dreamscapes’. Music that feel like landscapes and dream states that take you on a journey for the soul; back to source. The album describes my spiritual awakening and discovery of my original self and unconditional, universal love. With this album I hope to leave behind a different perspective of love and life.”


The album was released under the record label Pharos Music and is available at ITUNES & APPLE MUSIC, AMAZON, JOSIE MUSIC and or directly at the artist via soundoflighthouse@gmail.com