i AM ft. Eyra Moon

i AM Sound of Lighthouse ft. Eyra Moon

Sound of Lighthouse created the track and video i AM with singer Eyra Moon as a reminder to just be here and now. We have been conditioned to become something or someone and often forget to just be. Therefor this track is available as a wake up call on your phone or a 12 minute meditation track.

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Take Me Home at international Filmfestival

Sound of Lighthouse created the trailer music as well as the soundtrack for “Away From Home” a Dutch production in the genre short movie. It was first presented during the International Film Festival “Film By The Sea” last september 2019 and is now traveling. Latest news is that the movie is selected for the “First Time Filmmaker Sessions” festival in de Pinewood Studio’s in Londen UK! Sound of Lighthouse is very honored to have worked with a wonderful team of people like director Kees Vermeer and Bo van Scheyen. For more information about the movie, click here.