Sound of Lighthouse made 13 music video’s over the years as we enjoyed making them as much as creating music đŸ˜‰
On this webpage you will find filmstills and behind the scene photo’s during the making and of course the video’s itself.

All video’s can be watched at Youtube.
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In the first music video Josie and the caisa almost got hit by a huge wave.
She could only tell by the look of Renegato’s face who was filming and saw it coming.The audience on the beach had fun too đŸ˜‰

The video was filmed on the beach near Villa Joyosa. A little town between Benidorm and Alicante
and at the back of our studio on the cliffs.

As always our day ended with the motto ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’.
Also we feel very honored a beer brand named his beer after us (LOL!)
Life is good! #LG

You can watch the video HERE


At our favorite spot, the Cap San Antonio, Denia, we filmed ‘Leap Into The Deep’ because of the high cliffs and of course the lighthouse.

We discovered there had been a huge fire. We felt aweful when we just arrived (thank god there was no one injured), there was still smoke and we could smell the burning wood. The weird adventage however was the black forrest told our story of letting go of the old to be truly able to jump into the new and this appeared to be the perfect decor to carry our message.

You can watch the video HERE


For the third music video we went to Alicante and enjoyed this mediterranean town very much.

The two supporting actors we hired, followed the script precisely as we requested.
He would go and she would stay behind. Well done in one take! Great cast! đŸ˜‰

You can watch ‘Let Him Go’ HERE


A warmhearted but freezing cold videoshoot in the little village La Romana.

Frank Janssen from Dutch People All Over The World offered to gather some people from the village La Romana to participate in the music video Someday. It warmed ours hearts to see how many showed up as supporting actors. Their patience was remarkable because filming always takes a lot of time and waiting. A little girl was our translator. She did an remarkable job!

Before the shooting:

You can watch the video here